About Me

Hello all, and welcome to my Herbal Healing website. Healing through the use of natural herbs, and overall health and wellness is something I believe is important for all of us. I have bought countless of herbal products in the herbal healing universe, to improve my overall health and fitness, as well as to seek alternatives to chemical medicines, and surgeries.

As a member of the military, I have found using natural herbs to improve health and aid in healing, makes a huge difference in your performance. Before using herbs, I would either use cheap and unnatural products, or nothing at all. This meant my body did not heal or perform well, in turn making me look for more natural, healthy options to use.

Now, I want to provide you with the same knowledge I discovered, so you can improve yourself.

Over time, I have educated myself about all different kinds of natural, health improving, healing herbs that help take care of your body and mind. Without the harmful effects to one’s body. I want to provide all of you with all the information you need to take care of yourselves, and keep you updated on all things herbal.

A Short Story About My Start in Herbal Healing

Upon joining the military, I realized I was not the fittest I could be. Which, was odd to me, since I was taking three gym classes my senior year of high school, and eating pretty well. Boy! Was, I wrong… In a career where your physical performance matters, I was very drained of energy, and nowhere near as fit and healthy as I wanted to be.

It was extremely difficult to perform physically to their standards. I was absolutely capable of doing so, as we all are, but I just was not doing very well. I was tired. Drained. I could never get enough sleep to heal or perform properly. Even if I did, it wasn’t enough to keep the pain from coming back almost immediately the next day…

…and then the injuries started piling on.

A broken foot, a messed up hip, a back that kept going out, very sore ankles, more leg and feet issues, on top of a hereditary condition (Varicose Veins) that worsened… and there are Soldier’s who have it way worse than I ever did.

The point of all of this? I was young, and bothered by the fact that my body was acting much older than it’s age, and that so many others were and still are dealing with the same issue. It was time for a change.

Change I did. I started conducting research on natural herbs and supplements, to see if I could get my body back into proper running order. Sure enough I found MANY options out there, that helped with ALL of my issues, as well as aided in the healing process. Not only did it help in healing my body, it also made me feel a thousand times better. I was then able to perform how I needed to, and I did not feel guilty about what I was putting on or inside my body.

A Quality Living You Deserve

You deserve to be given the knowledge on what you can naturally use to take care of your body. This is not something that should be kept from you. It should not be a secret. You have every right to live a quality life, without being told you have to spend ridiculous amounts of money to do so.

Who knows you better than yourself? No one. So, who better than yourself to find something that works for you. Something that improves your health, fitness, an injury, or whatever it may be.

I want to help all of you achieve what you want out of herbal healing. It is about you, and what is best for you, your body, and mind. The quality of life you want to live is yours to choose.

Whatever it may be, Herbal Healing is here to help you make it happen.

Nature’s Healing Ways

In the words of the late, Swiss medical scientist, Paracelsus, “What the eyes perceive in herbs or stones or trees is not yet a remedy; the eyes see only dross,” is nothing short of wise. It is crazy that he said this in the 1500s, and it still rings very true today. Nature is a remedy, and it contains many. Yet we only see the physical form and not it’s beneficial, plentiful uses.

We tend to overlook what we have in front of us. There is so much natural healing that nature provides, yet we still seek the unnatural alternatives to get quick relief. We have remedies right in front of us that work. Things that will not cause harmful effects with long or short term use, unlike the other options. Natural herbs that better everything about us. Something we all should utilize more.

I want to be the one to help you obtain the necessary knowledge, and natural healing herbs and products to better yourself. No matter what you need, or how long it takes. I am here to help you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Founder of Natural Herbal Healings

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